Benson Li

I like making cool things -
beautiful and immersive

Hotline League and
Travis Gafford

- Circa. 2018 -

Date: September 2017 to Present
Status: Ongoing
Style and Displays for Travis Gafford Industries.

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Ample Icons

- Circa. 2017 -

Date: January 2017
Status: Completed
Created Icons and Infographic for Ample.

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- Circa. 2016 -

Date: March 2016
Status: Unfinished and Postponed Indefinitely

In Collaboration with Nick Rutigliano.

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- Circa. 2014-2016 -

Date: March 2014 - February 2016
Status: Completed

Graphics Designer for sub-sites: onGamers and G|League.
My Behance page has several samples.

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Fiist: Waitlist Management

- Circa. 2012 -

Date: December 2012
Status: Completed

Project page for Fiist, a (defunct) waitlist app.
Page created by me and designed mostly by Brian Leung.

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I work best with Object Oriented Languages but am fluent in Javascript as well as some random languages such as LUA.

As a designer, I've worked mostly with the Adobe eco-system but have used Autodesk products and Sketchup.


Hi! I'm a dev and designer from Vancouver, BC. I've had to wear a lot of hats; my past work includes everything from brand creation, AAA software development, and World of Warcraft addons.

I work at Amazon's Lab126 for the FireTV team in Seattle, WA.

Please take a look at my various other profiles (to your left) and feel free to contact me at the provided email.


Here are some of the lovely people I've had the pleasure working with. I've worked as a graphics artist or dev for: Travis Gafford, ATEYO, Pokimane, GameSpot (formerly onGamers), LGD Gaming, the University of Waterloo, and Daniel ‘Spellsy’ Biery - creating art and design for their respective needs.